HOW DOES IT WORK? Our subscription length is 6 months and is just $75 per month. Each month you will recieve a 'MY SHEAR CHOICE' code via email which you can use to choose ANY PAIR of shears on our site. When you're a member, there are no exclusions!

WHAT DO I GET? Each month your package will come with the shear you have chosen (including finger inserts!),  a FREE GIFT (grooming tool or accessory) of our choice and our monthly collectible magnet or sticker. What you get is ALL UP TO YOU!! That's what makes U PICK 6 so special!

WHEN WILL I BE CHARGED & WHEN WILL MY PACKAGE SHIP? When you sign up you will be charged $75 and you will be charged every 30 days for the next 5 months. When you are charged the system will send a confirmation email the next day, which will include that month's 'MY SHEAR CHOICE' code. Your shears will ship within 7 days from when you place your order with that month's code.

CAN I CANCEL? Due to the low price we are offering our members, there will be no cancellations during the 6 month term. At the end of 6 months your subscription will be cancelled and you may continue by starting a new 6 month subscription.

DO YOU HAVE LEFT HAND SUBSCRIPTIONS? Yes, we will have a subscription with left hand scissor options opening on March 1, 2023.

CAN I SWITCH FROM SCISSOR OF THE MONTH CLUB? It is 100% ok if you'd like to switch clubs! Please email info@scissorofthemonthclub.com to let them know you would like to cancel with your 30 days notice and then sign up here for your 6 month U PICK 6 subscription. Unfortunately, we cannot make the switch for you because the subscriptions run on different systems!

DO YOU SHIP OUT OF THE COUNTRY? Yes! We ship anywhere in the world! There will be an extra shipping fee added, Canada $10, Australia $22 and anywhere else $16. Shipping internationally typically takes 1-3 weeks. 
Please note that we cannot control and you will be responsible for any customs fees assessed.